Framework for Reconciliation (2020-present)



Step 1: Acknowledging Racism (Ongoing)

Acknowledging the existence and long-standing impacts of systemic racism in Long Beach and the country.

Step 2: Listening (Fall 2020 and ongoing)

Listening to accounts and experiences of racial injustice, inequity, or harm of community members.

Step 3: Convening (Spring 2021)

Convening stakeholders to evaluate the feedback from the listening process and shape policy, budgetary, charter, and programmatic reform ideas.

Step 4: Catalyzing (Fall 2021-Spring 2022)

Catalyzing action, presenting immediate short-term, medium-term, and long-term recommendations for LBCC’s consideration.

The Catalyzing Action Design Team included representatives from ASB, employee constituent and resource groups, and executive leadership who met together several times in academic year 2021-22 and led Impact Groups focused around five key areas which arose in the prior three phases of the Framework for Reconciliation.  The five key areas are as follows: BIPOC Student & Staff Representation, Racial Affinity Spaces & Connections, BIPOC Student Belonging, Accountability Policies & Practices, Rebuilding a Culture of Trust.