Guardian Scholars Program

LBCC students on campus

The Guardian Scholars Program serves all current and former foster youth who are under the age of 35 and whose dependency was established or continued at any time by the court. This program strives to create an engaging community where students can be connected with campus life and ensure a sense of belonging that will create opportunities for students to achieve their goals.

Services Offered

  • Academic, career, and personal counseling
  • Priority Registration
    (allows students to register for classes earlier than others)
  • Assistance with Financial Aid & Scholarship applications
  • Textbook assistance/Book Loan Library
    (as funding permits)
  • School supplies
    (as funding permits)
  • Referrals to housing, food support, and transportation
  • Monthly student gatherings, events, and success workshops
  • Foster Youth Center
    (students active in our program are welcome to visit during office hours to relax, study, grab a snack, make counseling appointments, etc.)

Prospective Students: Eligibility Requirements

For current and prospective LBCC students who are interested in joining the Guardian Scholars program, read below to learn more about eligibility requirements.

  • Current or former foster youth (has been in foster care at any point)
  • Must enroll in at least 3 units (unit exemption can be requested)
  • Complete a Guardian Scholars Mutual Responsibility Agreement
  • Apply to the program prior to the student’s 35th birthday
  • Provide verification letter

Current Students: Compliance Requirements

Once you have applied and been accepted into the Guardian Scholars program, there are a few things students must do to remain in compliance with the program’s guidelines.

  • Enrolled in 3+ units each semester (or less with DSPS verification)
  • Complete two Guardian Scholars contacts per semester (this will ensure students stay on track with their educational goals, and up-to-date with any useful resources)
  • Guardian Scholars contacts must be a counseling appointment
  • Maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA (“C” average) each semester

How Do I Join Guardian Scholars?

If you determined that you may be eligible for Guardian Scholars and are interested in joining the program, follow the steps below so an FYSS team member can contact you and support you with next steps.

  1. Complete the FYSS Interest Form.
  2. To be eligible for NextUp services, our program needs to verify your status as a current or former foster youth. You will need to provide us with your Dependency Verification or Ward of the Court Letter. You can obtain these documents by:
    • Former Foster Youth Students (case is closed): Call the Foster Care Ombudsman Office – CA cases only at (877) 846-1602.
    • Current Foster Youth Students (case is open): Contact your Social Worker/Case Worker or Probation Officer
    • Cases Outside California: If you need support obtaining verification documents, please email our office at