Honors Counseling


Honors students are required to meet with an Honors Counselor at least once each semester in order to remain in good standing in the Honors Program. Honors Counselors are available in the fall and spring semesters. To schedule an appointment, you may call or go to the Counseling Office at the LAC Campus in room A-1111. 

Please note that even though you are required to meet with an Honors Counselor at least once each semester, they are available to meet with you as often as you like. They are here for you and can help you with all aspects of your school life as well as transfer. Please avail yourself of the valuable resource we have in our Honors Counselors. We encourage you to meet with them often.

Honors Program Counseling Appointment Checklist

Fall Semester

First-Year Students
  1. Develop a comprehensive Educational Plan
    • Identify transfer school
    • Identify/choose major 
    • www.princetonreview.com/college/choosing-a-major.aspx
    • Discuss associate degree options at LBCC
  2. Submit AP scores to Admissions & Records.
  3. Submit high school transcripts to Admissions & Records.
  4. Apply for LBCC Scholarship.
  5. Select courses for the following semester.
Continuing/Transfer Students
  1. Determine final courses needed for transfer
    • Minimum UC and CSU admissions.
    • Golden 4 for CSU/English 1 & 3, Math for UC.
    • Minimum major preparation.
  2. Identify TAG school and prepare for September deadline
  3. Apply for transfer.
  4. Apply for LBCC Scholarships.
  5. Determine final courses needed for the Associate degree (if applicable).

Spring Semester

First-Year Students
  1. Review fall grades and spring enrollment.
  2. Update student educational plan.
  3. Plan courses for summer and fall semesters.
  4. Discuss transfer preparation.
    • Transfer application process
    • TAG application process
    • Develop personal statement
Continuing/Transfer Students
  1. Review fall grades and spring enrollment
  2. Apply for UCLA TAP and UCI Honors to Honors certification
  3. Apply for associate degree – deadline is usually the sixth week of the semester.
  4. Complete the General Education Certification form. This is usually done when students are accepted to a university and have submitted a “Statement of Intent to Register” (SIR).