Honors Program Transfer Information & Agreements


Graduates of the LBCC Honors Program are eligible for priority consideration when they apply to transfer to certain baccalaureate institutions.

California State University

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University of California

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UCLA Transfer Alliance Program (TAP)

UCLA offers priority consideration to applicants who have completed the LBCC Honors Program.

Each fall, UCLA holds its Transfer Conference for students interested in transfer opportunities at UCLA.

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University of California, Irvine

UCI’s “Honors to Honors” program is a transfer agreement available for graduating Honors students with a GPA of at least 3.7. The “Honors to Honors” program offers priority admission review, automatic admission to the UCI Campuswide Honors Program, guaranteed housing, individual advising, faculty mentoring for a Senior Thesis, and renewable Regents Scholarships. Eligibility requirements are subject to change.

Honors to Honors UCI

Students who complete the LBCC Honors Program but are not eligible for the UCI’s “Honors to Honors” program are also given special consideration in the evaluation of their transfer application and may be eligible for admission to UCI’s Campuswide Honors Program

California State University, Long Beach, University Honors Program

LBCC Honors students receive priority consideration when they apply to the University Honors Program at CSU, Long Beach


Other Colleges and Universities

The LBCC Honors Program is a member of the Honors Transfer Council of California, and LBCC Honors Program graduates are eligible for priority consideration when they apply to any HTCC transfer partners