LBCC 2022-2026 Strategic Plan Inclusive theme

GOAL: By creating an inclusive, anti-racist, and welcoming environment, all students and employees will feel that their voices matter and that their identities are valued and re-affirmed.

Redesign policies, procedures, and processes to be equitable and attain social and racial justice for our students and employees

  • Engage the college in a comprehensive institutional audit
  • Implement institutional changes to support the needs of employees and students with disabilities both in and outside the classroom
  • Apply universal design principles across the College, including to services, academic support, and physical and online spaces

Continue catalyzing change to oppose and confront racism, anti-blackness, and white supremacy to create a more inclusive working and learning environment through the Framework for Reconciliation

  • Implement the recommendations that arise through the Catalyzing Action Design Team and Impact Groups

Instill a sense of mattering and belonging in historically underserved students through welcoming, anti-racist, and inclusive programs, initiatives, and campus environments

  • Continue to support cultural and heritage communities, programming, and resources that create welcoming, inclusive, and supportive environments for students of all backgrounds
  • Create a culturally responsive and welcoming campus for our students through visual representation (e.g., murals or other artwork or imagery) mirroring our campus community
  • Continue to create safe and welcoming spaces on both campuses where students can engage in social and racial justice efforts, build relationships, and feel that their multifaceted identities are valued and seen
  • Ensure the development of, and upgrades to, facilities are inclusive (e.g., gender-inclusive bathrooms)
  • Scale successful learning communities (e.g., Puente, Umoja) and programs (e.g., EOPS, DSPS)

Provide and promote equity-minded training for all employees to ensure students have the best experience possible

  • Implement the Equity Congress for all employee groups focused on restorative justice
  • Ensure professional development focuses on building racial literacy through honest and ongoing discussion and reflection on racial identities, racism, and racial justice
  • Provide self-paced and easily accessible equity-minded professional development opportunities
  • Ensure dedicated equity-focused professional development days are provided for all employees on campus

Ensure hiring practices intentionally support diversifying the College’s workforce

  • Evaluate and redesign faculty hiring practices at each step of the hiring process to focus on hiring diverse faculty that reflect the student population


Success Outcomes – Inclusive

Students and employees thrive: 
  • Ensure 85% of students feel they matter in campus spaces 
  • Ensure 85% of employees feel they matter in campus spaces