League Excellence Award Winners



A headshot of Douglas Raphael

Douglas Raphael


Douglas Raphael serves as a Professor in the Communication Studies Department. He joined LBCC in 2014. He was born and raised in Bellflower, CA. He earned an A.A. from Cypress College and was a member of the tennis team and the debate team. After transferring from Cypress College, he earned a B.S. from CSULB and was on the crew (rowing) team and the debate team. He received an M.A. in speech and a law degree from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He taught communication courses in the Hawaii community college system for nine years before moving back to California. While at LBCC, he has served as a Department Representative for the LBCC Faculty Association, chair of the Course Evaluation Subcommittee, and chair of the Committee on Curriculum and Instruction..


Preston Smith


On a daily basis, Preston personifies hard work and dedication to Long Beach City College. He often goes beyond of what’s expected of him while setting up for District and external special events. As a Special Event Assistant for Event and Filming Services, he has created a network of relationships during his career, which, in result, leads to the Manager of Event and Filming Services hearing how great Preston is very, very often. He simply exemplifies an outstanding District employee.

A headshot of Kal Stewart

Kal Stewart


Kal Stewart actively partners with and supports campus programs and events through volunteering, contributions, and co-sponsorship both on and off campus. He plays a pivotal role in connecting students with their Success Coaches to foster out-of-classroom and off-the-field success. Kal demonstrates a creative approach in assessing area needs and recommending effective solutions that align with the goals of Athletics, completion rates, and the overall college objectives. His involvement extends to leadership roles within CCCAA, where he provides valuable input at both state and local levels. Kal ensures rigorous compliance with student-athlete regulations, overseeing the training and certification of all necessary personnel. Currently, he is embarking on his doctoral journey at Arizona State University in collaboration with LBCC.


Jennifer Holgren Headshot

Jennifer Holgren


Jennifer Holmgren was hired in LBCC’s Office of Institutional Effectiveness more than nine years ago as the Educational Assessment Research Analyst to support student learning outcomes assessment.

Jennifer currently serves as the Director of Planning to support institutional planning, program review, accreditation, student learning outcomes, and participatory governance processes and practices.

Arne Nystrom Headshot

Arne Nystrom


Arne Nystrom is a 32-year career employee who started as a student worker for the Computer and Business Systems department. Arne played a key role in designing key infrastructure and technology that we all use daily. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Arne adjusted LBCC’s network model to remote access within weeks. Most recently, Arne’s expertise has been instrumental in transitioning phone systems from Skype to MS Teams and upgrading campus security camera and safety systems.

Trisha Wilging Headshot

Trisha Wilging


Trisha Wilging is a faculty member in the Reading and Teacher Preparation Department. Her dedication to LBCC as the Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Coordinator, the Academic Senate Secretary, and as a faculty member who often works 12-hour days has made her the worthy recipient of this honor. She is currently completing a Trauma Studies certificate outside of her work.