Maintaining & Initiating Policy Review 


Requesting Policy Review

Faculty and stakeholders are within their right to request that the AP&S Subcommittee open a review of a policy or procedure. Stakeholders are asked to use the following forms to initiate the review, which the chair will bring to the subcommittee for discussion and potential action.

Please contact the AP&S subcommittee chair to learn more or initiate a review of specific policies.

Review Process

The Academic Policy and Standards Committee is a Subcommittee of the Curriculum Committee which meets once a month during the school year with the goal of reviewing policies and regulations within the 4000 band for compliance and accuracy. The committee reviews policies and regulations based on a 6-year Routine Review Process, completes Out-of-Cycle reviews as needed and drafts new policies and regulations. All policies and regulations are written, edited and approved by the Academic Policy and Standards Committee. After first reading at the Curriculum Committee, policies and regulations are then sent to the President’s Leadership Council (PLC) and other campus constituencies for further feedback and recommendations. After second readings by the Academic Policy and Standards Committee and the Curriculum Committee, the policies are then submitted to be approved and regulations to be reviewed by the LBCC Board of Trustees.

Once policies and regulations are approved/reviewed by the Board of Trustees, they are posted on the Long Beach City College Website.