Short-Term Projects to Gain Valuable Skills

Parker Dewey diagram of where micro-internship fits in

When you are launching your career, finding ways to test out different industries or even get your foot in the door can be challenging, especially without having prior experience. Long Beach City College has partnered with Parker Dewey to offer Micro-Internships to students (short-term, paid, professional projects open to all college students and recent graduates of U.S.-based institutions). From working directly with an entrepreneur to supporting a large enterprise, you’ll have the opportunity to explore different roles and company cultures in a way that fits into your schedule. 

Every project on Parker Dewey is paid a fair per-project rate, so what you see is what you will earn upon completion. Most importantly, Parker Dewey protects you as you’ll never have to negotiate pay, send an invoice, or create a contract—all of these details are managed behind the scenes on our platform. Visit our Parker-Dewey website to learn more!

What is a Micro-Internship? 

  • SHORT-TERM Projects range from 10-40 hours in duration.
  • PAID Each project has a fixed pay and expected amount of time to complete.
  • PROFESSIONAL Similar to those given to interns or new hires.
  • COMPREHENSIVE, USUALLY REMOTE All industries, all departments (sales, marketing, HR, finance, etc.), and can take year-round. 
  • Click here for the New Student User Guide

Who can complete a Micro-Internship? 

  • At least 18 years old 
  • Students OR alumni looking to obtain professional experience in target career 
  • International students with appropriate work authorization (CPT, OPT, or a work visa)
  • Undocumented students with valid ITIN 

Step 1 – Create a Profile

  • Create Your Career Launcher Profile
  • Select “View/Apply to a Micro-internship” option.
  • Use your email address and create a password of your choice.
  • Profile Section: Don’t forget to upload a professional photo and add a personal statement.
  • Experience Section: Include experiences that are relevant to the projects that interest you. Re
  • Resume Section: Upload your resume

Step 2 – Apply to Projects of Interest

  • See active projects and relevant details about the opportunity

Step 3 – If Selected, Complete the Project

  • Connect directly with the hiring manager to obtain necessary resources and details about your project.