Mileage Reimbursement
Guidelines for mileage reimbursement


Mileage will be allowed for all permanent, temporary & student employees under the following conditions:

  • Roundtrip travel between work locations when the employee is driving a personal vehicle on business within the Long Beach Community College District as part of the employee regularly assigned duties.
  • For all permanent employee for travel outside the Long Beach Community College District when the trip is part of regularly assigned duties. Mileage for conference travel must be claimed on the travel authorization form.
  • Transportation related expenses which are directly associated with business mileage and are reasonable and necessary shall be reimbursed. Allowable expenses include parking fees, bridge, highway, and tunnel tolls. All claimed transportation related expenses shall be authenticated by submission of original itemized receipts.
  • To document miles traveled, Google Maps or a similar directions/map website printout must be attached to the form for each location traveled.
  • Temporary & student District employees can be reimbursed by following the regulations listed in AP 7400. (Board Approval)

Complete Mileage Claim Form (Type in Mileage Claim Form in the search box and press enter.)

NOTE: All employees who drive personal vehicles on District business are required to provide proof of a valid California driver’s license and the minimum property damage & public liability insurance required by California law to Fiscal Services. See AP 7400 - Employee Travel.