OEC Membership
Current Committee Members



  • Co-Chair (Admin): Associate Dean, Online Learning & Educational Technology 
  • Co-Chair (Faculty): Appointed by Academic Senate 
  • 6 Full-Time Faculty: Appointed by Academic Senate (with online teaching experience and across various schools). 
  • Adjunct Faculty: Appointed by CHI (with online teaching experience).
  • Classified: Appointed by AFT (Recommended: Distance Learning Specialist)
  • Classified: Appointed by Classified Senate
  • Student: Appointed by ASB Online Education Faculty Coordinator 
  • Chief Information Systems Officer (CISO) (or designee)
  • Dean of Institutional Effectiveness (or designee)
  • Curriculum Chair (or designee) 
  • Student Equity Faculty Coordinator or designee
  • Resource: Associate Dean, Academic Services
  • Resource: Viking Pathways Representative