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If you are a faculty member that has been assigned or would like to be assigned a Distance Learning (Hybrid or Fully Online) Course at LBCC then you are required to have completed our Online Teaching Certification by completing two components (in either order):  1) Canvas LMS certification & 2) Online Teaching Pedagogy Certification. These two combined make up our LBCC Online Teaching Certification.

LBCC Teaching Certification 

1) LBCC Canvas LMS Certification

  • LBCC Introduction to Teaching with Canvas - A self-paced training course for LBCC Canvas. Requires login to the Viking Portal. 
  • Note: As of March 1, 2022 this course has replaced “Growing with Canvas”. If you have already completed “Growing with Canvas” then you meet the Canvas LMS certification and do not have to complete this new course. 

2) LBCC Online Teaching Pedagogy Certification 

Certification Waivers:  If you have completed Online Teaching Certification and/or Canvas LMS Certification at another institution you may complete our Online Teaching and Canvas Certification Waivers (online submission). 

Online Teaching Certification Deadlines

Faculty who are assigned or would like to be assigned a fully online or hybrid course, are required to be Online Teaching Certified. Below are the deadlines to complete the certification based on semester of assignment:

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