Paying for Textbooks & Course Materials
Low-cost & alternative options to pay for books

Shot of a young woman carrying her schoolbooks outside at college

Sometimes the biggest costs in taking classes are paying for the textbooks and course materials. There are several options to help students pay for these materials.

Rental Textbooks and Low-Cost Textbook Options

The Barnes & Noble Viking Campus Store helps reduce the cost of textbooks through a robust rental program, used books, YUZU digital platform, and our Price Match Guarantee. You can sell back books year round, receiving up to 50% back on titles being used again the next term. The bookstore tries to exhaust all sources of used books, before bringing in new ones. We strive to ensure that the right book is guaranteed every time. And if your professor changes their mind, we will do what we can to make it right.

LBCC Library’s Textbook Reserve

The LBCC Library Course Reserves has free textbooks for hundreds of different courses. You can search by course, department, instructor, or even start date of the class.

Veterans Services Office Textbook Loans

The Veterans Services Office (VSO) currently offers a small library where students may check-out a textbook for the entire semester. The VSO also has some limited funds to give one-time book grants for student veterans who do not qualify for financial aid and need immediate support. For more information contact the Veteran Services Office.