Paying Your Fees
Payment options, delinquencies, 3rd-party authorizations


Online or In-Person

After completing your online registration, you can make a payment through the Student Account > Make a Payment option in your Viking Student Portal. This will take you to our 3rd party payment processor Nelnet to complete your payment. From there, follow the steps and fill in all the required fields to pay your fees for the semester.

  • Online payments are applied to the oldest term due first.
  • To make a partial payment, you can type in the amount you want to pay in the field on the Nelnet screen.
  • A payment plan option thru Nelnet is available for the Fall and Spring terms only.

Delinquent Accounts

Debts from past terms can be brought into good standing by making a payment either online or through the Cashier’s Office. Please contact the Cashier’s Office if the hold on your account remains one hour after payment.

Refund Payments

Refunds for payments made online with a credit card will be refunded to the card used. All e-checks and refunds for payments made in person regardless of method of payment will be issued via check.

You will receive your refund after the refund period for your class has expired.


Third-party Payment Authorizations

If you have a third-party payment authorization (Veteran’s assistance, rehabilitation, scholarship, military contracts, tuition agreement, employer-sponsored tuition), bring your signed form to the Cashier’s Office before the payment deadline.

Enrollment/Tuition Payment Plans

Sign up Early. The easiest way to pay for college.
  • Relax…your class seat is saved.
  • Pay remaining balance in monthly payments
  • Enrollment dates are time-sensitive, so don’t delay.
Choose Your Payment Method
  • Automatic bank payment (ACH)
  • Credit or debit card

Payments are processed AUTOMATICALLY on the 16th of each month, using the financial information you provided, and will continue until the balance is paid in full.

Know Your Fees
  • $25 enrollment fee per semester (non-refundable).
  • $30 returned payment fee if a payment is returned.

If the enrollment fee returns for any reason, the agreement may be terminated.

How to Enroll
  • Go to
  • Login to “Viking Portal”
  • Click on “Viking Student System”
  • Click Make a Payment
Target Dates to Enroll

Spring 2021 Payment plan is available on November 23, 2020

Last Day to Enroll Down Payment # of Payments Months of Payment
Dec. 5 $40 + $25(enrollment fee) 5 Dec – Apr 16
Jan. 7 $40 + $25(enrollment fee) 4 Jan – Apr 16
Feb. 6 $40 + $25(enrollment fee) 3 Feb – Apr 16
Mar. 5 $40 + $25(enrollment fee) 2 March & April 16
NOTE: All down payments and enrollment fees are processed immediately!
For additional information, call us at 800.609.8056. Customer service representatives are available. Mon - Fri 7:00 am - 9:00 pm CST and Sat from 8:00 am – 2:00 pm CST. Account information also available online at