Preparing General Education Proposals​


Foundational Documentation & Collaboration​

There are several foundational steps that are essential to your proposal meets Title 5, transfer, and local requirements for approval. Work with your program faculty, department head, and dean to accomplish the following.​

  • Departmental and Intra-Departmental Consensus ​

    • You should be able to provide documentation that your department has thoroughly discussed the proposal.  ​
    • Be sure that your documentation provides evidence that you have consulted with other departments if your proposal impacts other disciplines, such as adding a course into an area representative of a particular discipline. ​
  • Articulation​

    • Coordinate with the Articulation Officer to ascertain whether the course appropriately articulates to CSU, UC, or IGETC.​
  • Approval Sheets​

    • The dean’s signature indicates their awareness of the proposal. The dean should be involved in conversations regarding the proposal and is responsible for assessing and communicating the impact on resources, scheduling, etc.​

Approval at ADGE & Beyond​

Upon completing all necessary documents, the ADGE subcommittee chair will submit the proposal for technical review to the subcommittee members. If there are concerns or questions, you will be informed of these concerns before the meeting in order to remedy or address inquiries or insights that subcommittee members may have raised.​

When further documentation or additional details are requested by the subcommittee, you will be requested to present at an ADGE subcommittee meeting. ​

If your proposal is recommended for approval it will proceed to the Curriculum Committee for college-wide discussion and vote. If the proposal is approval by the Curriculum Committee, it will advance to the Board of Trustees for local approval. Proposals involving articulation will adhere to the external process for CSU and UC approval. Academic Services, the ADGE subcommittee chair, and the Articulation Officer will maintain communication throughout this process.​