RE: Beware Microsoft Phone Scam
April 18, 2016


Dear Colleagues,

The district has received a few unsolicited phone calls from a group posing as Microsoft technical support. If anyone ever calls posing as Microsoft support, claims they have “found a problem”, and offers to help you fix it, NEVER allow them to do so. This is a phone scam. They will compromise your computer, and possibly steal personal information.

Do NOT trust unsolicited calls. Do NOT provide any personal information over the phone or in an email.

Remember, always make sure to keep your network/e-mail password to yourself. LBCC policy 6006 specifically prohibits the sharing of account information. No one, not even ITS, should ask for it. If anyone asks for your password, please report it to the ITS Help Desk so ITS can reiterate this policy.

As a point of interest, the Federal Government has created a site where you can Report Financial Fraud.