RE: OneDrive File and Folder Sharing
April 4, 2019


Dear Colleagues,

IITS continues to implement new security features to protect the confidentiality of its students, personnel, operations, and related information systems.

One such feature is a software-based policy that helps protect OneDrive against data loss. When a user attempts to share a document or folder containing personally identifiable information (PII) with an account outside the District, OneDrive will email a warning, including the suspected data type, to both the sender and IITS. If assistance is requested, a technician will be glad to assess the situation and provide guidance.

OneDrive is a great resource that provides the institution with increased opportunities; however, as users, we must constantly question how we store, share, and transmit information in order to protect ourselves against those that would perpetrate fraud. Luckily, there are few simple things we can do in OneDrive to help with that effort.

  • Select permissions based upon the need to know.
  • Do not use the default option “Anyone…”.
  • Do share files and folders using “Specific People…”.
  • Periodically review file and folder permissions and adjust accordingly.
  • Do not use District resources to conduct confidential personal business.

If you use OneDrive to share folders and files, please review the following IITS Information Security Procedure for sharing files and folders in OneDrive.