Recycling at LBCC Gets Easier
One trash bin to rule them all and in recycling bind them.

A recycling symbol on a crumbled piece of paper.

Recycling at Long Beach City College has just gotten a whole lot easier!

If you’ve been paying attention, you have probably noticed that the typical blue recycling bins have been mysteriously disappearing all around campus. Has someone been stealing the bins? Has LBCC stopped recycling? Thankfully the answer to this question is a lot simpler than you think.

Beginning this Fall semester, all blue recycling bins will be removed from the Liberal Arts and Pacific Coast campuses. Any trash placed in the bins will be sorted and recycled by LBCC’s waste collection service, provided by Athens Services. 

This new process will increase the efficiency of recycling, reduce overall costs and remove a step in discarding trash, while still remaining environmentally responsible.