Request Research Consultations


Whether you are a student seeking research assistance or a professor who wants their students to engage with librarians, these are ways you can work one-on-one with an LBCC Librarian.

For Students

Book a Research Appointment

Can’t find an appointment time that works? Click here to chat with a Librarian via LibChat. Chat with a librarian via text or zoom anytime the library is open.

For Faculty

If you are a faculty member you can encourage or require your students to meet with a librarian. There are three main ways to accomplish this. You can do any of the following:

  1. Require students to complete the online workshops, which culminate in a one-on-one research consultation with a librarian. Or you can simply require students to complete the one-on-one consultation if you feel their research skills are appropriate to engage in in-depth search strategies. Share this self-enroll link with students in your assignments. Students must complete a self-reflection on the strategies learned through the consultation in order to earn the badge for this session. Upon completion students will share with you a digital badge for each workshop, including the one-on-one consultation.
  2. Use Starfish to refer a student to a consultation with a librarian if you feel improvements can be made in better understanding how to access, evaluate, cite, or engage with scholarly resources. Librarians receive the referral through Starfish and will reach out to the student to schedule a one-on-one consultation. Learn how to use Starfish to refer students to the library by watching this one-minute tutorial video.
  3. Encourage your students to reach out to librarians for research assistance as needed. Send this link to point students directly to our LibChat feature, which allows for research assistance via text and Zoom: chat with a Librarian via LibChat.

If you have any questions, suggestions for improvement, or observations please reach out to Bibliographic Instruction Librarian, Colin Williams.