Room Reservations Contacts


Please note that not every District space on the LBCC campuses is reservable through 25Live as the project is being rolled out in a phased implementation. 25Live is currently only used to reserve lecture/class room spaces and some other spaces at this time.

If a space you are interested in is not being displayed in 25Live, this is usually because it is not booked through 25Live. 

Below are guidelines to help you determine who to contact for your reservation.  For more detail; please reference the Who is Who List document.

  • Classrooms – 25Live
  • LAC Conference Rooms – Respective Departmental/School Contact
  • LAC Computer Labs – Respective Departmental/School Contact
  • PCC Conference Rooms – 25Live for AA101D, BB110, BB210
  • PCC Computer Labs – COS Department