SPOT Charge
Functions & Responsibilities


The Strategic Plan Oversight Task Force will:

  • Recommend criteria for the Strategic Plan to CPC
  • Gather information
    • Conduct environmental scan (i.e., demographics, economic and workforce trends, policy and legislative matters, etc.)
    • Solicit external input from the community 
    • Solicit internal input from all constituent groups [including those involved with Long Beach Promise]
  • Distill and recommend themes to the CPC, based on information gathered
  • Develop and recommend draft goals to the CPC and solicit college-wide feedback on draft goals
  • Recommend evaluation process of the plan to the CPC
  • Conduct a college-wide review of the LBCC Mission Statement and make recommendations to CPC regarding any revisions
  • Submit draft Strategic Plan to CPC by April 2022
  • Plan and coordinate activities including:
    • Internal and external forums 
  • Roll-out of new plan (College Day 2022)