Starfish for Faculty
Help your students succeed in the classroom


Starfish Early Alert can help you and your students make every term successful. Starfish is an early warning and student tracking tool which collects and shares information while facilitating interventions that leverage existing campus resources. Use Starfish to activate a network of support that extends well beyond the classroom. In other words, with Starfish, you can engage with more students more frequently to promote their academic success.

Using Starfish, you can acknowledge your student’s performance and progress throughout the entire term. 

When a student earns special recognition for improvement or good work, use Starfish to send a Kudo (positive reinforcement) celebrating their efforts. If a student begins to struggle, you can raise a Flag (early warning) in Starfish to notify them at the very first sign of getting off track. Flags are opportunities for students to get support and develop a plan for recovery and course completion. When students require assistance outside of the classroom, you can use Starfish to initiate a Referral with institutional resources such as tutoring or counseling.

For more information, please refer to the Instructional Faculty Handbook and The Wave.


Faculty can manually raise Flags, Kudos, or Referrals for students. You can also participate in the progress survey to provide all students in your class(es) feedback in an instant.

Kudos, Flags, and Referrals

Note:  These items are not raised by instructors.
Kudos Circumstances
Resume Approved (WFD) To encourage students who have submitted a resume to continue in their job/internship
Applied to Position (WFD) To encourage students who have submitted a resume to continue in their job/internship
Dean’s List 1 To recognize students who have placed on the Dean’s List
Potential Honors student To recognize outstanding achievers and encourage them to join the Honors program
True Viking Spirit To recognize students with leadership potential and provide information on opportunities for involvement
Outstanding Course Performance To recognize students who have performed exceptionally in a course
Outstanding Performance in an Honors Course To recognize students who have performed exceptionally in an Honors course
ESL Lab Hours 50% Complete 1 To celebrate students who have completed half of their Reading Certificate lab hours and encourage them to continue
ESL Lab Hours 100% Complete 1 To congratulate students who have completed their required Reading Certificate Lab hours.
Meets Expectations To recognize students for whom there are no academic concerns
Good Work To congratulate students for their outstanding work.
Showing Improvement To recognize students who have improved during the course and encourage them to continue working
Flags Circumstances
Low Exam Scores To warn students whose low exam scores may negatively impact their grade
Missing Assignments To warn students who have missed two or more assignments
Attendance Concern To warn students who have missed two or more assignments
Progress Concern (Academic) To initiate a Counseling intervention for students who show signs that they may fail the course. This is an escalation flag, intended to be raised after one or more of the flags above has been utilized
Online Engagement Concern This flag is to identify a student who has not engaged with an online course and provides resources to support the shift to remote education during COVID-19 era.
Referrals Circumstances
ESL Learning Center To initiate an intervention for students who are English Language Learners (whether enrolled in ESL courses or not) to receive tutoring in the ESL Learning Center
Tutoring To initiate an intervention for students to get tutoring in Math
Honors Counseling 1 To prompt Honors students to complete their required advising hours
STHD – Access MS Office/365 To connect students to the Student Technology Help Desk for information on accessing/downloading free Microsoft Office/365 from LBCC
Healthy Viking To connect students to wellness resources through the Health Center/Healthy Viking Initiative
Basic Needs To connect students with housing and food insecurities to the various supports offered through the Basic Needs program
Library Research Assistance To connect students to a Librarian for research assistance
Transfer Services To connect students to the Transfer Center for information on applying and transferring
Workforce Development/Career Center Referral To connect students to the Career Center for jobs, internships, and professional development opportunities


The workflows give you a high-level perspective of how information flows in a virtual platform for each of the tracking items. Moreover, the table includes information about who can initiate tracking items and who is responsible for resolving them.

Situation/Intervention:   Tracking Item Type:    Raised by:          Resolved by:
Attendance Concern FLAG Instructor Instructor
Missing Assignment FLAG Instructor Instructor
Low Exam Score(s) FLAG Instructor Instructor
Progress Concern (Academic)         FLAG Instructor Triaged by Counseling, DSPS, and Veterans
Tutoring REFERRAL Instructor Student Achievement Team
ESL Learning Center REFERRAL Instructor ESL Center Staff
Transfer Center REFERRAL Instructor Transfer Center Staff
Library Research Assistance REFERRAL Instructor Librarian
Healthy Viking   REFERRAL Instructor Student Health Services Staff
Basic Needs REFERRAL Instructor Basic Needs Staff
STHD MS Office/365 Referral REFERRAL Instructor STHD Coordinator
Workforce Development BCenter/Career Center REFERRAL Instructor WFD Coordinator

As we develop Starfish at LBCC, we are continually refining workflows and messages, discovering best practices, and adding additional tracking items every semester. If you have a suggestion for a tracking item in Starfish, or want to suggest a revision to items and/or workflows, please send your feedback to

Progress Surveys

With the student’s journey in mind, there will be three progress surveys each semester. Each one is unique, offering the opportunity for the instructor to provide the right support and intervention at the right time. We project that the following items will be available on each progress survey.

Spring 2023
Weeks 5-6 (March 6 – 17) Weeks 9-10 (April 11 – 23) Weeks 12-13 (May 1 – 12)
  • Good Work
  • Meets Expectations
  • Missing Assignments
  • Online Engagement Concern
  • Tutoring
  • ESL Learning Center




  • Showing Improvement
  • Good Work
  • Meets Expectations
  • Missing Assignments
  • Attendance Concern
  • Progress Concern (Academic)
  • Library Research Assistance
  • Tutoring
  • ESL Learning Center
  • Outstanding Performance
  • Potential Honors Student
  • True Viking Spirit







Using Starfish

Before each term, it is important to familiarize yourself with the Instructional Faculty Handbook. These resources are updated every semester. Please see the Training tab for more information.

We recommend that you also log into the system to create your user profile, and introduce Starfish to your students before use. By introducing Starfish to your students on the first day of class (and/or in your syllabus), you encourage them to use the system as a beneficial tool in their academic pursuits. And by using the Progress Surveys, you will provide valuable feedback to your students.

Sample Syllabus Language

You may find it helpful to make an announcement in class or post something to Canvas to alert students about your use of Starfish Early Alert for the course. In addition, the faculty is encouraged to include a statement in their syllabus about Starfish Early Alert. A sample is included below: 

I will be using Starfish Early Alert in this class to provide you with feedback about your academic performance.  The feedback will be in the form of “flags,” “kudos,” and “referrals”. Flags are tied to academic concerns like attendance or missing assignments that may negatively impact your grade. Kudos are given to promote and encourage strong academic performance. Referrals will connect you to key support resources on campus so you can be successful. Don’t forget to set up your profile. For more information go to LBCC Starfish.

Training & Getting Started

Picture of the blue wave

Our detailed Instructional Faculty Handbook is available at any time and provides step-by-step procedures, guidelines on when to raise each tracking item, and copies of all messages sent to students through Starfish. All instructors are encouraged to review both The WAVE and the Instructional Faculty Handbook before using Starfish.

You may also find the Instructional Video for Faculty below helpful in getting started. This video includes key information also available in the Handbook, including:

  • How to log in & update your profile
  • How to view and filter student lists
  • How to raise and resolve tracking items
  • How to complete a progress survey



Technical Support

Starfish support for faculty and staff only can be requested through the IT Helpdesk. From the IITS Helpdesk page, click Institutional Software > Application Dev & Support > Starfish from the drop-down menu.