Sunleng Touch – Viking Impact Award Winner 2023

  • Not only does Sunleng go above and beyond his call of duty to resolve any issues at hand, he has always been pleasant and caring. In the many years I’ve known him, he has always been a consummate professional who always wears a smile and gives from a huge heart. Additionally, he stated many times that his purpose in life is to serve others, whether they are colleagues, family, friends, or strangers. I know firsthand that he has spent much of his earnings to help others on a continuous basis. He hardly spends money on himself or takes time off to relax or enjoy life because he genuinely enjoys helping others in any way that he is capable of.
  • Earlier this year I had a problem with my computer update I did, not even realizing I had done it. The update caused major problems with key programs I use on a daily basis. I submitted a IT ticket and was assigned to Sunleng. He reached out and asked me about my issues. After looking into my computer he determined my issues were due to the last update I had done. He spent many hours trying to figure out how not to wipe out all my documents. He was able to figure out what needed to happen and fixed my issue. I was relieved to find my computer and all documents were saved. I appreciate all the time and research he did to fix my error. He was even contacting me well into the evenings to let me know he was still working on my computer issue. I would also like to thank all the IT employees that he spoke to about my issue and helped him along the way.
  • Secondly, just this week our network printer went offline. I put in another ticket and Sunleng was assigned to help. He came to my desk and worked on it for an hour making sure all the connections were ok and even fixed the paper tray issue I had. Once he realized he was not able to assist any further he transferred my ticket to Danny and he was able to fix the network issue. I really appreciate all the IT employees that work so diligently as a unit to make sure we are all up and running here at LBCC.
  • Sunleng is always so helpful and responsive and this is refreshing when you are having a computer or printer issue.