Supplemental Learning Assistance
Workshops, Directed Study Groups, and Directed Learning Activities for students


Supplemental Learning Assistance (SLA), comes in three forms: Workshops, Directed Study Groups (DSG), and Directed Learning Activities (DLA). Workshops and Directed Study Groups are group activities which last 60 minutes and are by appointment only. Directed Learning Activities last a minimum of 90 minutes and include a follow-up tutoring session with an instructor or tutor; no appointment is necessary.

These learning activities are tailored to teach a specific English, Math, and Reading courses, so students must ask for the appropriate level and topic. To use this assistive service, please review the following topics of instruction before you plan your next visit. An LBCC Student ID number and photo ID are required.

Note: The Success Center staff stops handing out DLAs one hour before closing, and no more than one DLA per subject may be completed per day.

Workshops & Directed Study Groups

Do you ever feel like you need to experience a lecture a second time to fully understand it?  The LBCC Success Centers offer better than a simple repeat of material!  We provide workshops and directed study groups which are taught in a smaller group setting on class material that typically needs a little extra instruction in order to confidently grasp it. Our instructors teach the material interactively and with a more hands-on approach than is possible in a traditional classroom setting. Most SLAs have an attendance requirement for the course it is linked to, and signups are on a first come, first serve basis.

The following classes offer workshops or Directed Study Groups:

  • ENGLISH: ENGL 105, 105AX, 801A
  • MATH 110, 130, 130A/B, 140
  • VOCATIONAL NURSING: VN 215, 220, 230
  • FOOD & NUTRITION (Spring Semester only)
  • READING: 82, 182AX, 883AX

Directed Learning Activities

Directed Learning Activities are individual activities that are assigned by your class instructor and completed in the Success Center.  Students work independently to complete the assigned DLAs, which are typically 60-90 minutes in length, and at the completion of the DLA, the student meets with a Success Center staff member for a follow-up session.

The following classes offer Directed Learning Activities:

  • ART 1, 2, 80
  • ENGLISH: ENGL 1, 105, 105AX, 801A
  • LEARN 11
  • MATH 110, 130, 130A/B, 140
  • NURSING: ADN 12B and VN 215, 220, 230
  • READING: 82, 182AX, 883AX
  • TRADES: MTFAB 50, 220B and ELECT 200A, 210A

Complete Your SLA Online

If you are enrolled in an online English or Reading course with an SLA requirement, you may complete it online using Skype by following these instructions.

  1. Log in to your instructor’s Canvas or Moodle page and download the Directed Learning Activity (DLA) assigned by your instructor.
  2. Complete the DLA form and save it to your computer.
  3. Call the LAC Writing & Reading Success Center at (562) 938-4520, and make an appointment to meet with a tutor online.
  4. Sign into Skype and search for the following email address: Our nickname, “English Tutor,” will pop up. Add this address to your Contact list.
  5. Email your completed DLA file to Make sure to include your name, course, date, and time of the appointment in the subject line of your email.
  6. At the time of your appointment, log into Skype and start a video call with the “English Tutor” contact. If you do not get an answer, try again in a few minutes or call the front desk of the Writing & Reading Success Center.
  7. Once you are finished reviewing your DLA with the tutor, they will email your instructor to confirm your completion of the activity.
  8. Repeat this process for each SLA before each deadline date.

Reading & Writing SLA Schedules

Duration Activity 1 Activity 2 Activity 3
6-Week English June 17 – 27 July 1 – 11 July 15 – 25
6-Week READ June 17 – 27 July 1 – 18 July 1 – 18
1st 5-Week READ June 17 – 27 July 1 -16 July 1 – 16
2nd 5-Week READ July 17 – 25 See instructor syllabus See instructor syllabus
READ 182X (6-Week) June 17 – July 3 July 8 – 25
READ 182X (5-Week) June 17 – July 3 July 8 – 16

English Workshop, Summer 2019
English Workshop (PCC), Summer 2019
Reading Workshop, Summer 2019
Reading Workshop (PCC), Summer 2019

Math SLA Schedules

The Math Success Center offers SLA activities for all students. All SLA activities are to be completed at designated Success Centers and should only be attempted after covering related material in class.

Math 140 students: Look under Math 130 & Math 110 for workshops designated for your class.

Math 110 Workshops
Math 130 Workshops (LAC)
Math 130 Workshops (PCC)