LBCC 2022-2026 Strategic Plan Supportive theme

GOAL: Through fostering a culture of care and collegiality, students and employees will feel supported, valued, and respected.

Intentionally serve our historically marginalized students recognizing that a “one size fits all” model does not work for all

  • Identify best practices to support historically marginalized students and actively seek and apply for grants to support implementation of these practices
  • Develop courses and programs specifically focused on ethnic, racial, and gender and sexuality studies (e.g., Asian/Asian-American Studies, African-American/Black Studies, Chicano/Latinx Studies, Women’s Studies, and LGBTQIA+ Studies)
  • Intentionally expand federal work study opportunities on campus tailored to supporting financially disadvantaged students needs
  • Continue to expand support for Justice Scholars students and gang-involved youth and young adults
  • Ensure services, auxiliary services, academic supports, labs, and study spaces are open at the times students need them

Create spaces/activities for employees to connect, build community and relationships, and share best practices and experiences

  • Support employee participation in events and programs on campus

Address students’ basic needs to advance economic and social justice

  • Continue to identify and implement additional strategies to address food insecurities across campus
  • Expand opportunities to place housing-insecure students in short- and long-term housing
  • Continue to support affordable transportation solutions for students and make available to students the technology necessary to achieve success

Focus on the institution’s role in creating positive experiences for students and employees

  • Offer professional development to management focused on positive management practices and leading with kindness
  • Offer professional development to all employees focused on mental health, interpersonal communication, and work-life balance that promotes healing, vulnerability, honesty, and trust 
  • Continue the Faculty Diversity Internship Program and explore implementing a faculty and staff student mentoring program
  • Further invest in mental health supports for students
  • Continue to focus on ensuring the College’s campuses are safe and secure for our students and employees
  • Continue to enhance co-curriculum programs, clubs, and activities
  • Continue to improve the matriculation process (from application to enrollment) for direct and indirect matriculants, as well as non-credit students
  • Regularly gather feedback on ways to improve student and employee experiences
  • Establish mechanisms for succession planning for all departments and leadership positions so processes and practices are implemented consistently regardless of who is in the role
  • Implement sensitivity training and conflict resolution training for employees
  • Invest in trauma-informed training and resources for all employees

Improve communication across the College for students and employees

  • Increase clarity and improve functionality of the LBCC website to be both student- and employee-friendly
  • Improve on-campus signage to ensure it is clear and welcoming for students

Continue building trust and improving morale through an environment of transparency and open communication amongst all employee groups

  • Improve the transparency of hiring processes and practices
  • Improve transparency of college priorities and resources
  • Improve communication about ways to provide input on college-wide plans, initiatives, and programs and ensure methods are effective and inclusive


Success Outcomes – Supportive

Students’ needs matter:
  • Ensure students have financial resources by increasing Pell awards to 41%
  • Maintain a student-centered schedule at 90% fill rate annually
  • Ensure student learning with all five Institutional Student Learning Outcomes meeting the 70% expected level of achievement for students who have completed 45+ units
  • Close equity gaps in all achievement metrics by 57%