LBCC Strategic Plan of Synergy

GOAL: By creating synergy between community, education, and local and regional industry, partnerships will be strengthened to support the equitable achievement of students’ educational and career goals.

Scale Student Success Teams to break down silos and guide all students to ensure more students achieve their educational and career goals

  • Implement all stages of the Student Success Teams per the Quality Focus Essay

Drive regional economic recovery as a mechanism to attain economic justice

  • Ensure the College continues to partner and engage with policymakers to advocate for policies that support the attainment of economic and social justice for the College’s students and the Long Beach community
  • Promote and celebrate the Small Business Development Center and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses programs, as well as identify ways to strengthen partnerships between LBCC and these programs

Grow early college initiatives for disproportionately impacted students to foster a sense of belonging in college courses, accelerate progress toward completion of educational goals, and improve economic mobility

  • Engage in intentional marketing and messaging to increase parent and student awareness and understanding of the benefits to participating in early college initiatives
  • Continue to expand the Early College at Browning Middle School
  • Streamline and coordinate early college experiences for students at both LBCC and CSULB

Continue to promote, expand, and improve the nationally recognized Long Beach College Promise program

  • Continue to improve the First Year Experience program
  • Implement a Second Year Experience program with a focus on persistence
  • Grow engagement with and opportunities for internships with Long Beach College Promise Partners, the City of Long Beach, and Port of Long Beach

Drive the regional economy and achieve economic justice by expanding equity-minded partnerships with community organizations and local industry to support job exploration, internships, and living-wage job placement

  • ​Scale opportunities for internships and work experience with local industry partners
  • Intentionally market short-term non-credit certificates that lead to living-wage jobs to students looking for clear and quick pathways to employment
  • Facilitate formal and informal mentorship opportunities between students and industry professionals
  • Develop, market, and provide access to short-term pathways for adult learners (25+ years of age) to support entry into living-wage jobs
  • Implement equity-minded, inclusive, and anti-racist practices in workforce development and across career technical education programs to ensure equitable student success both inside the classroom and throughout the internship, work experience, and career opportunities offered by LBCC in partnership with local industry
  • Develop alternative schedules of classes and services on weekends and evenings to meet the needs of adult learners (25+ years of age) 

Focus on achieving restorative justice through community-based partnerships


Success Outcomes – Synergy

Working together:
  • Increase enrollment to 20,774 Full-Time Equivalent Students (FTES) 
  • Increase non-credit enrollment to 7,050 
  • Increase the number of transfers to four-year institutions to 3,129 
  • Increase student job placement in living-wage positions to 41%