Transfer-In Students
Are you an International student already living in the US?


Transfer-in admission is only available to F1 and M1 active students who are currently inside the U.S. studying at another SEVIS certified institution. To assist you with the transfer process, please refer to the following application deadlines and transfer requirements.

Application Deadlines

Name Semester Deadline Program Start Date
Academic Regular College Program Fall Semester (August) July 15  August 2, 2022
Academic Regular College Program Spring Semester (January) December 15  January 11, 2022

Step 1: Complete the Transfer Eligibility Form

Complete the Transfer Eligibility Form . LBCC does not accept students with Terminated/Out of Status SEVIS Records.

  • Your current school can only release your “active” SEVIS record after you have successfully completed Step 1 and 2 at which time you will be given an official acceptance letter to request the transfer of your active SEVIS record to LBCC.
  • Transfer students planning to travel to their home country before the start of the semester must notify our office to inquire about your official program start date and plan your travel dates accordingly. NO late arrivals will be permitted.
NOTE: Your application deadline may vary according to the 60-day grace period from your last class attendance program completion date. The student is required by immigration to be admitted to the college and receive an acceptance letter in order to request the transfer of your SEVIS record to LBCC.

After complete the submitting the Transfer Eligibility Form, you can enroll by following the enrollment process for International Students.