Travel Tips
Guidelines for authorizing travel


Please read LBCCD’s Administrative Procedure 7400 on Travel and Professional Conference Attendance. Travel Application Form must be submitted to Faculty Professional Development (FPD) before the application can be processed in Fiscal Services (Fiscal). 

There are two parts to travel:

  1. Travel Authorization Form, pre-approval before you go to the conference.
  2. Travel Claim Form, when you return from the conference.

* Note: if you are participating in an online conference or webinar, it is not considered travel. So, a travel form is not needed. Instead, request registration fees and other expenses through a Revolving Cash Form.

All Faculty Travel Application Form must be submitted to Faculty Professional Development before the application can be processed in Fiscal Services.

Travel Authorization Form

Complete the form and fill in cost estimates for all lines, if applicable, attach all requested documents, funding account number, and secure appropriate authorizing signatures prior to submission to Fiscal Services.

Submit completed travel authorization form to:

  1. Classified and management – send completed form directly to Fiscal.
  2. Academic – send the completed form to FPD. FPD will approve and forward to Fiscal Services.

Fiscal will process your travel authorization form first in, first out and send a travel package with registration check, airline and lodging confirmations, if applicable, including your Travel Claim Form through intercampus mail. Processing time varies between 5 days to 2 weeks.

There are two options for travel arrangements

Option 1 – Make your own travel arrangements, self-paying expenses.

Once travel is pre-approved you may make your own travel arrangements, self-paying all expenses.  Send Travel Authorization form with all backup to Fiscal.  Fiscal will send your Travel Claim form to you through intercampus mail. Once you return, follow the Travel Claim form instruction, Option # 1.

Option 2 – Fiscal will prepay, registration, airfare, lodging, etc. 

You may request the district to prepay in advance certain costs. To request prepayment, check the box on the first page of your Travel Authorization form next to the expense you want the district to prepay. Fiscal Services must receive your approved Travel Authorization Form no later than two (2) weeks in advance of the travel date in order to make these arrangements for you. No exceptions can be accommodated for prepayment. The following are the items that the district can assist you in advance. To process all prepaid requests, the backup must be submitted.


Attach the confirmation of registration for the conference that shows the dollar amount due, vendor name & mailing address, and the conference agenda. Upon processing your Travel Authorization Form, the district will send you a check, through interoffice mail, made payable to the conference vendor for registration fees. You will be responsible for submitting the payment for the conference registration in accordance with the vendor’s (conference host) instructions.


Attach to your Travel Authorization Form the airline information including flight numbers with date and time for departure & return flights. The district will also need your Date of Birth and Name as it appears on your California Driver’s License in order to purchase airline tickets. The district will purchase your airline tickets and send the travel itinerary to you with your travel claim form via intercampus mail.

Car Rental

Please indicate times and dates for pickup and return of the rental car. The District will make arrangements and pay for car rental. The car rental reservation will be included with the travel claim form sent via intercampus mail.


It is imperative that you DO NOT make hotel reservations yourself if you want the district to prepay for your lodging. It is very difficult for the district to modify hotel reservations made by another party. Also due to security reasons, this same holds true for “placing a hold” on a room. Past experience has taught us that these two things lead to increased fraud and compromise of the district and/or employee’s credit cards.

In order for the district to make your hotel reservations please provide the hotel’s name and address along with arrival and departure dates with Travel Application. The district will secure hotel arrangements with a district credit card and send the confirmation information with your travel claim form via intercampus mail.  The district prepays only room and taxes. The employee is responsible for any incidentals including parking fees and internet charges.  When checking out of the hotels please ask for a detailed receipt that shows that the district prepaid your room and taxes, this is required to be attached to your travel claim form. Please review receipt verifying that room and taxes were charged to the district and not added to your personal credit card.

Travel Claim Form

this form was sent to you via intercampus mail. After you return from your conference, it can be completed. 

Option 1

Your travel arrangements were self-paid – attach the conference registration showing it was paid and the conference agenda.  Attach the detailed flight information, detailed car rental information and detailed receipt that shows the room & taxes.  Obtained approval signatures and return the form with all original receipts to Fiscal. Fiscal will issue any reimbursement due in the form of a check sent by the US Postal Service to your home address. 

Option 2

If the district prepaid registration and/or airfare, we will have detailed information.  You must submit the detailed invoice/statement for prepaid car rental and lodging.  To complete the form, fill out the baggage, parking fee/shuttle/taxi/Lyft or Uber portion, attaching all original detailed receipts.  Complete the meals portion of the form using the meal allowance table on the back of the form.  The District uses ’Per Diem’, current IRS rates. No meals receipts are required.  When the cost of the meal is included in a registration fee, a separate reimbursement is not allowed.

Please allow three (3) weeks from receipt in Fiscal for processing. Contact LaTonyua Harden in Fiscal Services if you have any questions.