Waitlisting Classes
Guidelines for waitlisted students

Waitlisting Classes

LBCC uses an auto-enroll from the waitlist process. This process will automatically enroll waitlisted students when a seat becomes available. The auto-enrollment process occurs on a nightly basis and notifies a student to their email on file when they are added to the class roster. You will need to check your schedule daily to see if you have been enrolled from the waitlist.

NOTE: If you are automatically enrolled in a class, there may be additional fees that must be paid by the payment deadline.

Guidelines for Waitlisted Students

You will not be auto-enrolled from the waitlist due to any one of the following factors:

  • Current enrollment in a different section of the same course.
  • Time conflict between a currently enrolled class and the waitlisted class.
  • Co-requisites or prerequisites for the class have not been met.
  • Term unit limit is exceeded
  • You have repeated a course; This includes courses with a withdrawal (W).

If you are repeating a course, you must complete a and submit it to Admissions & Records. The last day you can add to a waitlist is the Saturday before the start of the class. If you were not automatically enrolled and wish to add a class that you waitlisted, attend the first class meeting and request a permission number from the instructor. If it is an online class, contact the instructor by email on the first day of class to request a permission number.

Reasons why you cannot be added to a waitlist

  • Enrollment appointment dates or time have not yet been reached.
  • Prerequisites or co-requisites for the class have not been met.
  • The number of maximum units to waitlist has been reached.
    • Fall and Spring semesters – 12 units
    • Summer semester – 8 units
  • The class is not available for waitlisting. In this case, consent of the instructor is required.
  • You have a hold on your account.
  • The last day to waitlist has passed.
  • The waitlist is full
  • You have already enrolled or are waitlisted in another section of the same class.