Become an Expert in Welding Technology!


A student practicing welding techniques with lab equipment

The Welding Technology program provides the necessary technical skills, knowledge, and attitude to prepare students for their desired career and to provide training in a variety of occupations in the welding and metal fabrication industry. Welders work in a variety of jobs in wide-ranging industries including (but not limiting to): Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive, Chemical processing, Construction, Manufacturing, Oil and gas extraction, Plumbing and pipe welding, Robotics, and Welding Technician. We are pleased to offer several tuition-fee welding courses and noncredit certificates of completion in Basic Arc Welding, Basic Gas Tungsten Arc Welding and Basic Oxy-Acetylene Welding. 


Certificate of Completion (COMP), Basic Arc Welding

Certificate of Completion (COMP), Basic Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

Certificate of Completion (COMP), Basic Oxy-Acetylene Welding

Certificate of Completion (COMP), Basic Semi-Automatic Welding

Certificate of Completion (COMP), Exploring Welding and Metal Fabrication


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