What is Accreditation?


Accreditation is an important designation that allows Long Beach City College to ensure that our programs and services meet standards of quality that attract more students and enable students to obtain financial aid, to obtain and/or maintain employment, and to transfer to a four-year institution. 

The process of accreditation is organized around honest self-reflection and recognizing what we can do to best support our students in achieving their goals.  Accreditation is also about being supportive and kind to our colleagues and to ourselves because we are all working hard to improve student success. It is an opportunity to celebrate our successes. It is also an opportunity to continuously do better and it is important to keep in mind that areas of potential non-compliance are not an indicator that someone is not doing their job, but rather an indicator that we are working to respond to the changing needs and environment of students as well as the standards of accreditation.

Accreditation is also a process of self-reflection that ensures institutions provide quality programs and services to students and that the institution has the resources (money, space, and people) to maintain these programs. It is a peer-review process managed by an accrediting agency that develops standards of quality based on federal requirements and input from educational institutions.