Workflow: The Big Picture
Local Curriculum Creation Workflow


Local Curriculum Creation Workflow

Making Offerings Real

Courses and programs approved by the LBCC Board of Trustees are then submitted to the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and a control number is issued. Once a course or program has gone through the above process and has received a control number, the college is then authorized to:

  • Publish the description of a new program or course in the catalog or publicize a new program or course in other ways (CCR., Title 5, § 55005).
  • Schedule and collect state apportionment for student attendance in the required courses and restricted electives that are part of a credit program (Ed. Code § 70901(b) (10); CCR, Title 5, §§ 55130 and 58050). Colleges that do not secure the required program approval are subject to loss of revenues through audit or administrative action.
  • Award a degree or certificate with the designated title and require specific courses for the completion of such degree or certificate (Ed. Code, §§ 70901(b)(10) and 70902(b) (2)). Degree or certificate awards for programs that have not been reviewed and chaptered by the Chancellor’s Office when required will not be recognized as valid for any audit or accountability purpose.
  • List credit certificates of achievement and degrees on student transcripts (CCR, Title 5, §§ 55060- 55072).