Zoom Bombings: Securing Your Online Class Meetings


Hello, LBCC Faculty:

We hope this email finds you all doing well.

We have unfortunately seen an increase in Zoom bombings in online sessions in the recent weeks. These occurrences can be very disruptive to the learning environment. We would like to take a moment to share a few ways that you can keep your Zoom sessions safe from potential Zoom bombing interruptions.

What we recommend:

1. Set a passcode on your class meetings. This will detour outsiders from trying access your Zoom links.  This setting can be added to your already scheduled class meetings and to any future ones you plan to add.

We recommend that you check your password/security settings. To do this, log into your LBCC TechConnect Zoom, click on settings (on the left) and then navigate to your security settings. You can choose what kind of passcode protection you want to use. To add a passcode to already scheduled meetings, you can log into LBCC TechConnect Zoom, navigate to your meetings and edit per-existing meetings.  

Directions & information from Zoom regarding setting passcodes

2. Set a waiting room on your class meetings. This will help you control who comes in to your class meeting and when they come in to your class meeting.

Directions & information from Zoom regarding setting a waiting room

3. Familiarize yourself with the security features inside of your class meeting.

Zoom continues to add security features to the settings that are inside of your Zoom meetings (classes). We encourage you to become comfortable with the options of locking your chats/screens/cameras as needed. You might consider having a student in your class be a co-host to help you with this while you lead your class.

4. Keep your Zoom client up-to-date. Zoom frequently pushes updates to add security features and optimize use of the tool.

Not sure if your Zoom is up-to-date? You can check here, and find the download center to update Zoom here. If you are using a device from LBCC, you may need to work with our IITS Faculty & Staff Help Desk to complete this update.  Please reach out and we can help you with this important step.

5. Questions & Support

We are here to help you!

For Faculty – Canvas TechConnect Zoom Questions: Please Contact our Online Learning & Educational Technology (OLET) Team
Email: olet@lbcc.edu
Phone: (562) 938-4357 (connect with OLET team)

For all Colleagues – General LBCC TechConnect Zoom Questions: Please contact our IITS Faculty & Staff Help Desk Team
Email: helpdesk@lbcc.edu
Phone: (562) 938-4357

Thank you for reading this important message. Have a great rest of your spring semester.