LBCC & Foundation Receive Grant to Assist Students in Unpaid Internships
Grants allows more low-income students to accept internships that provide work experience

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Students at LAC.

The Long Beach City College (LBCC) Foundation and LBCC Workforce Development department recently received a $650,000 grant and scholarship endowment for students to receive stipends while placed in unpaid internships.

More than 60 percent of LBCC students are working part-time between 10 and 30 hours a week to help pay for tuition, books, and materials. Additionally, many internships are not paid, which makes it financially infeasible for students. This situation makes it challenging for many LBCC students to commit to an internship and becomes an equity issue.

The John Apostle and Helen Apostle Foundation will provide funding for five years to provide student wages and stipends for internships as well as supporting students to become the most competitive.

“Too often, our students pass up a great internship that might provide valuable work experience and networking opportunities in lieu of a part-time job simply because they need the money,” said Long Beach Community College District Board of Trustees President Vivian Malauulu. “There are many internships available that would allow students to perform work in fields relevant to their career aspirations, but they do not pay. That is a hardship for students. Through this amazing grant, that barrier is removed. Students can now in good conscience bypass a job bagging groceries — which does pay, but probably does not cultivate the skills they will need in a particular industry — for a job that will provide them with professional work experience in their field of study.”

Through the Apostle Foundation grant, LBCC students will also be provided with Workforce Development staff support to develop their resumes and improve their job interviewing skills.

“LBCC students will now be much more competitive in today’s labor market by gaining more relevant work experience in professional settings,” said LBCCD Superintendent-President Reagan Romali, Ph.D. “The Apostle Foundation grant will allow LBCC students from all economic backgrounds to take advantage of an unpaid internship, as well as gain invaluable job skills. This is a game-changer for our students.”

LBCC’s Workforce Development plans to begin the paid internships within the next six months.

Nonprofits and small businesses can contact LBCC’s Workforce Development at (562) 938-3248 or if they are interested in the Apostle Foundation grant to establish a paid internship for LBCC students.

The funding from the Apostle Foundation will begin this year and will provide $130,000 per year to LBCC for the next five years. The Apostle Foundation will also establish a $50,000 scholarship endowment to begin the LBCC Foundation’s upcoming capital campaign.

For more information about LBCC’s Workforce and Job Training program, visit and to learn about the LBCC Foundation, visit

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