Tired of waiting in long lines to get the service you need?

The QLess logo.

You Long Beach City College is using the QLess system to eliminate the need for students to wait in long lines to receive service. QLess allows students to virtually join a line without having to physically wait in line. When a student is next to receive service, the student will be notified to return to the service area.

QLess will be used in the following areas at Long Beach City College: Admissions & Records, Financial Aid, Cashier’s Office, and the Welcome Center.

How does QLess work?

After virtually joining a line (or two), a student is provided with an approximate wait time to receive service. The student will receive text updates every 30 minutes if they opt for the notifications. When a student is next for service, they will receive a text asking them to return to the service area.

Without having to wait in a physical line, a student can now get other things done while they wait to be called for service.

How can I join (queue) a virtual line?

QLess is simple and easy to use. Students can join a virtual line in three different ways.

Using the QLess App
  • Join a virtual line 
  • Receive wait time updates 
  • Manage your spot in line
  • Get notified when it’s your turn 

You can join a line by texting the following characters to (562) 454-0638.

  • Text “LBCCLAC”  to join a line at LAC.
  • Text “LBCCPCC” to join a line at PCC.

You will receive notifications and text alerts, which will keep you informed about your approximate wait time for you to reach the front of the line. You can also request additional time or remove yourself from the line. Please refer to the QLess Text Commands for more details.


QLess Text Commands

  • LBCC - To Join the Line
  • L (Leave the Line) – Use this command when you need to exit a particular line.  
  • S (Status Update) – Use this command when you want an update of your wait time and place in line.  
  • M (More time ) - Use this command to request additional time if you can’t be in the area. (Max 2 times)
  • H (Help) – Use this command to get additional assistance with QLess.
  • W (Switch) - Use this command to switch from text to voice call updates. 
  • N# (Notify me in XX minutes) - Use this command to let QLess know when to send an alert.