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Student Highlights

My daughter has loved the Child Development Center at PCC from the first time she walked through the doors and it has only gotten better since. She loves each of the teachers there and tells me everything that happened each day.  I have seen significant progress in her development as well.  She is now interested in writing her name and counting.  She has especially love the art.  I get pictures every day, usually in her favorite color; yellow.  Thank you so much to everyone at the CDC-PCC; I could not have asked for a better preschool experience for my daughter.

- Carri

My 3-year-old is about to complete her first year at the LBCC CDC.  As a consultant for and an educator of children with special needs, I have had the opportunity to work with hundreds of schools all over the world.  This preschool is special in so many ways and I feel so lucky that my child is able to participate in this school.  Professionally, I strongly adhere to best practice techniques and to see a preschool who utilizes research-based strategies is incredible.  The staff is knowledgeable, positive, nurturing, committed, and patient.  Their continued development and training is a priority with the school and I strongly believe in the importance of professional growth and that it is critical for continued excellence.  The preschool revolves around the children and their needs.  They are constantly assessing what materials and toys will enhance a child’s learning experience.  Recently a sound garden, mud pit, fruit and plant garden and art studio have been added to the school and the children’s reaction to them is priceless.  Every teaching moment is maximized.

- Michele

I had the good fortune of being able to send my daughter to the Long Beach City College Child Development Program at the PCC campus.  From the very beginning when we first toured the facility, the Director (Stacey) was helpful, open and clearly demonstrated a strong commitment to the program. I am so impressed with her and her commitment to the children, families and teachers that are a part of the center. She involves families with weekly informative emails, documentary screenings, the art show fundraiser, and her true open door policy where she is willing to take the time to talk about anything. I truly know that she puts her heart and soul into the program. The teaching staff at LBCC CDC is amazing as well. They clearly care about and know the children. They have also been so available and helpful when I have a question or concern about my daughter. My daughter often talks about the teachers at her school as if they are part of our family! The school has truly been such a fantastic part of our lives and has provided such a great start to my daughter’s education.

- Andrea

At the Long Beach City College Child Development Center-PCC, there are several play areas around the campus including the lobby area. The delightful playground offers children the opportunity to climb and play on the slide, paint in the garden, create music using the garden’s instruments, ride bikes or play in the sandbox.  There is an additional painting area by the classroom which is one of our daughter’s favorite playground spots. In this area, she has created several masterpieces with the help of Ms. Darlene and other staff members. When she isn’t painting, she usually can be found playing “house” with her friends under the slide.

- Sam and Claudia

We could not be more pleased with Long Beach City College Child Development Center (CDC). Our 3-year old son has been attending LBCDC for approximately 18 months. Our 6-year old daughter, who will be moving into first grade in a couple of months, went to CDC-PCC for two years. Our daughter is a top student, in large part, we believe because of her time at the CDC.  For my wife and me, it was infinitely more important that she learn how to think creatively and scientifically than any rote or mechanical learning. Also, due to our daughter’s initial shyness before attending the CDC, my wife and I worried about how she would do in what can be the most brutal place in an urban school setting: the playground. Our worries were unfounded. She is not only doing well academically, she is socially well-adjusted and gets along with a diverse group of peers as a result of the social skills she learned at LBCDC. Our son is like many little boys his age. He is a whirlwind of unbridled energy, has trouble sitting still for long periods of time, and can be impulsive. We were concerned that these could have been potential learning barriers as he transitioned to kindergarten. Not without challenging moments, over the last 18 months, he has shown marked improvement in all of these areas thanks to the CDC. The staff not only helped him at school, they helped us reinforce the lessons he was learning every day at CDC-PCC. It really feels like we were in partnership with the staff to support his development.The CDC has played no small part the early success or our children!

- Bobby and Helen

Guided by the energetic and enlightened educators, skilled staff and wonderful administration, I have watched my daughter’s quest for knowledge grow in leaps and bounds. Classroom experiences (both indoor and outdoor) offered so much more than primarily “textbook” or academic-based learning. And the teachers at LBCC CDC-PCC made sure to provide opportunities for planned, as well as unplanned, learning and discoveries in the curriculum they created. What was equally as impressive was observing the amount of collaboration that occurred between the teachers and children in developing activities and experiments together. The children were treated as “partners” in their learning environment, which I am sure has led to my daughter’s strong mind and high self-esteem.

- Tricia

Thank you for all you and the Child Development Center have done for my twin girls and our whole family.  Because of the help of your exceptional facility and staff, the girls now have a strong foundation that will lead them into kindergarten and much further. The knowledgeable and friendly staff combined with the great programs you provide make learning fun and interesting to the children.

- Chris

CDC-PCC is where my kids have grown up. I was a student at LBCC and both of my boys started preschool at age 2, while I attended classes. I can truly say that the program has molded them into happy, curious, advanced, outgoing people, interested in how things work. Our oldest just finished kindergarten and attending preschool at CDC-PCC gave him an advantage and he was ready to learn. The CDC made it possible for me to reach my educational goals by providing this care while I’m in class and at the same time, provided a positive educational enriched path for our boys. We LOVE the CDC!

- Sal

I can remember my sons’ first day of school at LBCC-PCC as if it were yesterday. A single mother of twin boys, I was not sure who was more nervous, my sons or myself. The miraculous teaching staff in my sons early morning classroom reassured me that they would be “fine” and they were. Tears came and went from the three of us and from here, our journey began.  Our families’ experiences at LBCC-PCC over the past three years have been indescribable. My sons have built everlasting friendships and needless to say, so have I. Observing my sons’ master academic, daily living, and social skills in the classroom setting has preserved a smile on my face. The outstanding teachers, administrators, and support staff will never be forgotten; and from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely say thank you!

- Ronice

Our daughter has been attending the PCC CDC for the last five months. We are thrilled to see how she has grown, and how much she has gained by attending the CDC. We have seen substantial growth in the following areas of Child Development:  Social, Emotional, Cognitive, Language, and Fine Motor areas. She puts her social skills to practice everywhere she goes.  She’s able to incorporate herself into a group or welcome other children into an already existing group.  We enjoy watching her take another child’s hand and say, “Come on let’s go play.”  While engaging with other children, we have seen her recognize not only her emotions, but those of other children as well. She’s quick to say “I am okay”, if she has fallen or tell another child “Are you okay?” or “It will be okay” after that child has been hurt. Her cognitive and language skills have improved as well. Just the other day we watched as she lined up five oranges by size, then using her index finger to point to them she counted out loud “2,5,7,1,9.” She did this a few times both in English and Spanish. We have noticed that even at such a young age she’s now beginning to differentiate that English and Spanish are two whole different languages. Our daughter has also demonstrated much growth with her fine motor skills. She’s now choosing different activities that require more use of her fine motor skills. We want to take the time to say THANK YOU to all the wonderful staff at the PCC CDC. All of you do a terrific job at preparing our little ones for the future.  Thank you for making the learning process a fun experience for each child. Thank you for taking the time to recognize each child as an individual and bringing out the best in them. Job well done!

- The Yanez Family

We have been part of the Child Development Center family at PCC since 2006. Our daughter Natalie blossomed in the center with the tender and positive care from her teachers. The social skills she developed while at the center helped her transitioned into kindergarten with ease. She is about to enter the fifth grade and still remembers the center and is happy to come back to see her teachers. Our son Eric has learned to be independent, build friendships and build up his English vocabulary with songs, stories and class discussions that encourage him to participate. The Child Development Center at Long Beach City College has been a blessing and a true joy for our kids’ first school experience.

- Hector and Monica

I can’t believe that my grandson is completing his second year at the CDC. Looking back, I can still see his tearful eyes for the first few weeks after I dropped him off at school. It broke my heart, but it was extremely reassuring to know that he was in loving, caring hands. His language, his motor skills, and his socialization have grown SO much! I am so excited to know that my other grandson will start attending soon too. I know that he too will be exposed to the same preschool education and all the wonderful activities.

- Linda