Study Skills Videos
Helpful tips & strategies to improve your study skills


Long Beach City College encourages all its students to you to watch the video workshops from our very own Scott Brueckner. These videos have collectively amassed over 4 million views and counting!

After watching each video, you can use the Study Skills Worksheet to test your knowledge and have a great resource as you study.

Habits of Successful College Students

The ten habits of successful college students and how to develop and strengthen their use.

Habits of Successful College Students, Handout

Organizing Your Study Time, Part 1

Examine how you (as a student) spend and waste. Learn methods for setting and reaching goals, understanding the crucial study differences between high school and college, and how to start getting more organized as a student.

Organizing Your Study Time I, Handout

Organizing Your Study Time, Part 2

Learn how to set up a successful, intelligent study schedule and focus on why you procrastinate and how to conquer that bad habit! 

Organizing Your Study Time II, Handout

Improving Your Listening Skills

Explains problems that get in the way of good listening and teaches techniques designed to improve listening and concentration skills in (and out of) the classroom.

Improving Your Listening Skills, Handout

Taking Better Lecture Notes

Discusses several common note-taking mistakes and provides techniques for recording, organizing, and reviewing the important information given during a lecture.

Taking Better Lecture Notes, Handout

How to Predict Test Questions

Teaches several methods designed to help students create their own practice quizzes in order to prepare more effectively for upcoming tests. 

How to Predict Test Questions, Handout

Preparing for Tests

Shows students important study principles and discusses how to spend the last few days before a test studying in the most productive ways.

Preparing for Tests, Handout

Test-Taking Skills

Teaches some general test-taking strategies and focuses on true/false and essay questions.

Test-Taking Skills, Handout

More Test-Taking Skills

Learn how to budget your time on tests, read multiple-choice questions the right way,  and deal with the loss of confidence during a test. 

More Test Taking Skills, Handout

How to Remember for Tests

Uses two memory exercises designed to teach you how to remember more of
what you read in textbooks and how to organize material to increase understanding and retention of information.

How To Remember For Tests, Handout

Memory Tricks

Showcases several fun and unusual memory tricks designed to help students memorize school-related information, names, etc. A few simple but effective math tricks will also be presented!

Memory Tricks, Handout

More Memory Tricks

Teaches several more ideas about how they can use creative memory tricks to help them memorize items in groups, definitions, and exact locations on a map or diagram.

More Memory Tricks, Handout

Great Ways to Study

Teaches basic study techniques, focusing on several textbook reading and study methods.

Great Ways to Study, Handout

More Great Ways to Study

Covers textbook study methods such as “reducing,” highlighting and discusses the best ways to use flashcards and other study aids.

More Great Ways to Study, Handout