Healthy Viking Mental Health Workshops
PCC, AA-101D

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Learn skills and tools to improve your emotional wellbeing and create balance in your life. We provide workshops each semester to support student health, happiness, and success. Workshops open to all LBCC enrolled students. All workshops on Wednesdays and Thursdays will be facilitated/co-facilitated by Mental Health Clinician Daisy Cook, LCSW, and MSW Interns. 

Visit LBCC Student Mental Health Services website.

Please take notice of Thursdays workshop dates come before Wednesdays

PCC Campus
9:00 am – 10:00 am
Building AA, Room 101-D
9/11/2019 Stress Management
9/25/2019 Anxiety – Worry too much?
10/09/2019 Depression
10/23/2019 Mindfulness – Relaxation
11/06/2019 Grief and Loss
11/20/2019 Gratitude – A Tool for Happiness
12/11/2019 Art of Wellness
LAC Campus
2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Building E, 2nd floor, Valhalla Room
9/05/2019 Stress Management
9/19/2019 Anxiety – Worry too much?
10/03/2019 Depression
10/17/2019 Mindfulness – Relaxation
10/31/2019 Grief and Loss
11/14/2019 Gratitude – A Tool for Happiness
12/05/2019 Art of Wellness

Note: All Workshops are drop-in (no sign-up necessary).  If you will be referring your class to a workshop being held on a specific day/time, please contact Daisy Cook, LCSW, workshop coordinator, to ensure space and sufficient materials are available for the presentation.  We have found that offering extra credit is a really powerful way to give students the extra reason they need to attend these workshops that allows them both to benefit from the program and “save face” if they’re questioned about why they want to attend.     

Please note for Accommodations: At least 72 hours prior to the event, (562) 938-4558 (voice), (562) 353-4217 (videophone), & // Sign Language Interpreting, please contact Stephanie Bonales at or (562) 938-4918.
Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) services, 5 business days prior to the event, please contact Human Resources Staff at *requests are based on provider availability*