LBCC Completions

Contact LAC, A-1153

Your Completions and Second Year Experience (SYE) Team is here for your success! Connect with your Success Coaches, Administrative Staff, Leadership Team, and Counselors for support. If you have any general questions, send us an email or call us at (562) 938-5180. 

Success Coaches 

Your Success Coaches are available to assist you with scheduling appointments, enrolling into courses, connecting with resources, and answering general questions. 

Re-Engagement Success Coaches 

Susan Canahuati
Lead Success Coach
(562) 938-4584

Marlene Garcia
Success Coach
(562) 938-4584

Valeria Martinez
Success Coach 
(562) 938-4584

Angela Rincon
Success Coach
(562) 938-4312

Ada Sanchez
Success Coach
(562) 938-4381


Completions Success Coaches 

Michael Corvera
Lead Success Coach
(562) 938-5180

Arantxa Beltran
Success Coach (CASA)​
(562) 938-5180

Nancy Benitez
Success Coach (CASA)
(562) 938-5180

Nancy Benitez
Success Coach
(562) 938-5069

Vanessa Montes
Success Coach
(562) 938-5180

Mi Giang
Success Coach 
(562) 938-5180

Louis Perez
Success Coach
(562) 938-4606



CTE Completions Success Coaches 

Jesse Marinero
Lead Success Coach
(562) 938-3567

May Liu
Success Coach 
(562) 938-3567

Tra’von Williams
Success Coach 
(562) 938-3567

Administrative Staff 

Brianna Pinkerton
Administrative Assistant
(562) 938-4773



Leadership Team

Javier Villaseñor
Dean, Counseling & Student Support Services
(562) 938-4749

Phillip Huerta
Completions Counseling Co-Lead, Department Head of Counseling & Student Support Services
(562) 938-4264

Joan Lee
Counselor, Completions Counseling Co-Lead
(562) 938-5244


Re-Engagement Counselors

Amna Siddiqui
Bonnie Tan
Christina Rivas Mulcahy 
Elizabeth Garcia
Francesca Cano 
Jeannine Sagusay  
Monica Preciado  
Sandy Than  
William Martinez 

Completions & SYE 

Britten Dickey
Denise Torres (CASA)
Giselle Magdaleno
Judy Oh 
Julie Yanez (CTE) 
Laura Mason 
Marianne Allen 
Mia Tabayoyong
Mireya Graciano 
Monica Sin (SCAN)
Nicole Winborne
Olivia Gonzalez
Sheila Bedworth
Stephanie Arroyo (PASO)