Patti Valella
Assistant Professor, Life Sciences

Contact LAC, D-256

Patti joined LBCC in Fall 2016. She has been teaching for over 30 years, with her initial appointment as an undergraduate teaching assistant at Michigan State University. Before coming to LBCC Patti taught Anatomy and Physiology, Biology for majors, Human Biology, Human Nutrition, and Biology for non-majors. At LBCC Patti teaches Human Anatomy, Human Biology, Human Biology Lab, Contemporary Biology, and soon to be teaching Biology for Science Majors. She also co-teaches Biology Boot Camp, a course designed to help students learn how to learn, including test-taking skills and study techniques. Patti combines her additional background as a Learning Specialist working one-on-one with college students who have learning disabilities, and her position as the Life Sciences Education Director educating the public about science, with her decades of teaching in her new position as the Life Sciences DESTINO faculty coordinator. She enjoys helping students discover their strengths and teaching them how to learn so they can be successful in any course.