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John Downey
Professor, Life Sciences

Studied Pre-Veterinary/Animal Science earning a Bachelor’s Degree at California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo. Then studied at California State University at Fullerton for the Masters Degree in Cell and Molecular Biology. 

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Morgan Roth
Assistant Professor, Life Sciences

Morgan has been at LBCC since 2018. She feels lucky to be a part of a culturally and intellectually rich community. The student have made her feel at home. Before LBCC, she worked at the University of Guam followed by part-time work at multiple community colleges in the Moneterey area. Morgan loves exploring the intricate cellular and systemic relationships that make life possible. Her graduate research studied the role of the gene parcas in mitochondrial morphology at the University of Californaia, San Diego.

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Patti Valella
Assistant Professor, Life Sciences

Patti joined LBCC in Fall 2016. She has been teaching for over 30 years, with her initial appointment as an undergraduate teaching assistant at Michigan State University. Before coming to LBCC Patti taught Anatomy and Physiology, Biology for majors, Human Biology, Human Nutrition, and Biology for non-majors. At LBCC Patti teaches Human Anatomy, Human Biology, Human Biology Lab, Contemporary Biology, and soon to be teaching Biology for Science Majors.

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