Paulette Baumgardner
Assistant Professor, Computer & Office Studies

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Paulette has been teaching at Long Beach City College for two years as an adjunct instructor in a variety of computer-related courses.

She is retired from the Texas public school system with over 30 years of total teaching experience. She taught full-time at a community college in Clovis, New Mexico, before moving to California where she has been an adjunct instructor at three colleges.

She was born and raised in Dublin, Texas and lived in North Dakota and Kentucky before moving the California to be near her oldest son, daughter-in-law and most importantly her only grandchild. The rest of her family consists of her husband, Karl, and two more children who both live in Texas, a daughter, and another son.

Her business experience was working at a Regional Service Center in Amarillo, Texas. This organization supplied services and goods to the 64 school districts in the panhandle of Texas. She was a supervisor of staff who did training, supported hardware and software for school districts and wrote grants.