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Paulette Baumgardner
Assistant Professor, Computer & Office Studies

Paulette has been teaching at Long Beach City College for two years as an adjunct instructor in a variety of computer-related courses.

She is retired from the Texas public school system with over 30 years of total teaching experience. She taught full-time at a community college in Clovis, New Mexico, before moving to California where she has been an adjunct instructor at three colleges.

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Melvin Cobb
Associate Professor, Computer & Office Studies

Melvin J. Cobb has been a full-time faculty member at Long Beach City College since 2004. Currently, Melvin oversees the Computer Proficiencies for Academic Success program. These courses are designed to help students develop and utilize technology in order to be successful in an academic environment.

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Renae Powell
Professor, Computer & Office Studies

Renae L. Powell a native of Long Beach, CA a professor of computer science. She completed her AA degree in Business/Accounting Compton Community College, first master’s degree in Business/Vocational Education California University Long Beach, second master’s degree from Claremont Graduate School Management Information Systems.

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Zoila Rosillo
Assistant Professor, Computer & Office Studies

Zoila Rosillo has worked with students in multi-course classrooms and face to face courses. She has worked in the community college environment since 1992. She joined the Long Beach City College team and the COS Department in 2002. She enjoys learning new skills and techniques for applying technology in the classroom and making that technology accessible to students.

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