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Paulette Baumgardner
Assistant Professor, Computer & Office Studies

Paulette has been teaching at Long Beach City College for two years as an adjunct instructor in a variety of computer-related courses.

She is retired from the Texas public school system with over 30 years of total teaching experience. She taught full-time at a community college in Clovis, New Mexico, before moving to California where she has been an adjunct instructor at three colleges.

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Dena Laney
Associate Professor, Computer & Office Studies

Dena Laney has been a faculty member at LBCC since 2007. She began her career with LBCC as a Systems Librarian where she managed the library website, the database system that ran the entire library operations, ensured access to the electronic databases and other resources, managed LibGuides and provided general library technology support.

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Clarissa Leiva
Professor, Computer & Office Studies

I began my teaching career in the Fall of 2004. I teach at Santa Monica College, Los Angeles Valley College and joined Long Beach City College in the Fall of 2012. My teaching assignments include both introductory as well as advanced courses. I have experience teaching on ground, hybrid, and online environments. I also taught the Brain Fitness classes in the Long Beach Lifelong Learning Center.  My years of teaching experience have provided me the potential to teach students from diverse academic, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds.

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Suman Mudunuri
Assistant Professor, Computer & Office Studies

I am an Assistant Professor in the Computer and Office Studies (COS) department at Long Beach City College. Currently, I teach Application (COSA), Business Communications (BCOM) and Keyboarding (COSK) courses; both on campus and online.  I have been teaching at the college level for over 6 years, I have learned many invaluable lessons in student learning.

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Zoila Rosillo
Assistant Professor, Computer & Office Studies

Zoila Rosillo has worked with students in multi-course classrooms and face to face courses. She has worked in the community college environment since 1992. She joined the Long Beach City College team and the COS Department in 2002. She enjoys learning new skills and techniques for applying technology in the classroom and making that technology accessible to students.