Chican@ Artivitistas at the Intersection of Hope and Imagination


Chican@ Artivitistas (artist/activists) in Eastside Los Angeles neighborhoods utilize art and creative expression to de-construct power, challenge multiple patriarchal systems, and build community. From renewed hope imaginaries erupt as Chican@ Artivitistas channel the power and practice of music, art, and theatre, as tools of convivencia (deliberate convening). In dialogue with translocal Mexican communities, Chican@ Artivitistas have developed techniques to harness artistic and creative power to transform and rebuild various sectors of their communities such as: food sovereignty, community land trusts, money recycling, self-sustained community services, and artistist networks/mentoring. In doing so, artivitistas create new physical, spiritual, and ideological spaces.  Gonzalez will give a multimedia talk that draws these examples directly from her new book which demonstrates the roots that give way to artivista identity and the pedagogies/methods that have developed as a result.

Featuring: Dr. Martha Gonzalez, Associate Professor of Chicanx-Latinx Studies, Scripps College


Moderators: Sonia De La Torre & Linda Olmos


Please note for Accommodations: At least 72 hours prior to the event, (562) 938-4558 (voice), (562) 353-4217 (videophone), & // Sign Language Interpreting, please contact Stephanie Bonales at or (562) 938-4918.
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