Clubs & Organizations

Long Beach City College has a number of opportunities for you to get connected. Joining a club or organization will provide you the opportunity to make new friends, develop leadership skills, and contribute to LBCC and the community. Utilize the connections you will make within these clubs and organizations to help you plan your future, network and build lifelong friendships. 

With your College Service sticker, you are eligible to join a club and participate in their activities held each week. There are a number of resources available to club members including advising, mentoring, leadership development, volunteer opportunities, grants, scholarships and much more! And if you don’t find a club that catches your attention, start one! 

Viking Engagement is your one-stop shop for all things Clubs and Organizations. This online portal is designed to help student group and organizations collaborate and community, as well as a way for students to learn more about clubs and events at LBCC. Please log-in by following the Viking Engagement button below!