Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant program at Long Beach City College is a comprehensive offering of courses created and designed for the purpose of educating and training diverse groups students for careers as Administrative Assistants and enhance skills for those who are currently employed in that area.

Career Opportunities

The Associate Degree or Certificate of Achievement is a two-year program designed to prepare students for employment in a variety of office-related fields. In addition to the general Administrative Assistant track, students wishing to work in a medical or legal office should pursue the corresponding tracks listed below. Students desiring a bachelor’s degree (transfer program) should meet with a counselor to discuss transferability of courses.



Associate in Science (AS), Administrative Assistant

The AS degree is designed for students who want to earn a two-year college degree in career/technical training or specific employment; to achieve a personal or career goal; or to prepare for transfer to the UC, CSU, or a private or out-of-state university. Students who intend to earn an associate degree are advised to consult with the counselor as early as possible to develop a transfer plan. 

Program Learning Outcomes: 
  • Create a variety of documents using Office Suite Software. 
  • Demonstrate and apply effective written, oral, and nonverbal communication techniques to a variety of organizational situations.

Certificate of Achievement, Administrative Assistant

This state-approved certificate acknowledges workplace competencies and job readiness in a specified program or specified courses. 

Certificate of Accomplishment, Business Communications

Students will learn how to communicate effectively in the workplace.

Certificate of Accomplishment, Computer & Office Skills

This certificate prepares students for a career in office administration by mastering the technical and soft skills that today’s employers require. 

Certificate of Accomplishment, Microsoft Office

Students will learn to use Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint to prepare for industry certification and employment. 

Certificate of Accomplishment, Computing & Internet Literacy

Students will learn how to utilize computers and related technology efficiently. 

Certificate of Accomplishment, Business Digital Literacy

This certificate will develop students’ current computer information competency skills in this short term course.

Certificate of Accomplishment, Law Office Procedures

Prepare for a job as a legal assistant in a law office environment.