The Psychology program presents psychology as the science of mental processes and behaviors, providing research results applicable to everyday life and benefiting human welfare.

A second purpose is to prepare students for transfer to a university. Upon completion of their program, psychology majors will be able to describe psychological science as a diverse field of research with both academic and practical applications, that encompasses more than a dozen major subfields.

Students completing the psychology major program will be equipped to use the scientific method to explore healthy mental processes and behaviors, as well as the pathological ones.

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Psychology (AA-T) Curriculum Guide

Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T), Psychology

The Associate in Arts in Psychology for Transfer Degree is designed to expose students to a diverse field of academic research and practical application. The science of psychology deals with description, explanation, prediction and control of mental processes and behaviors occurring within an individual as well as within the interpersonal, cultural and global contexts. Students scientifically explore healthy mental processes and behaviors, as well as the pathological (abnormal) ones in terms of how they affect one’s daily functioning within the mentioned contexts, and how to diagnose, explain and treat that pathology. This psychology program (Associate in Arts in Psychology for Transfer Degree) offers students a comprehensive education in the content as well as a scientific method of the discipline emphasizing the processes of creating hypotheses as well as hypothesis testing. A variety of offered psychology courses familiarize students with diverse yet interrelated psychology sub-fields. The mission of this program is to provide a major presenting psychology as a science (of mental processes and behaviors) applicable to everyday life, as well as to provide a major that fulfills the general requirements of the California State University transfer system. 

Program Learning Outcomes: 
  • Analyze the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in psychology. 
  • Apply basic research methods in psychology, including research design, data analysis, and interpretation. 
  • Examine problems related to behavior and mental processes through the scientific approach.