Elementary Teacher Education

The cross-disciplinary courses that are part of this AA-T seek to inspire and prepare students, future educators, to teach in urban classrooms, to learn essential professional knowledge including professional teaching standards and ethics, to conduct fieldwork in order to learn how to meet the diverse needs of students and roles of the teacher, and to gain a broad foundation of knowledge across the disciplines that will be necessary for teaching elementary students. Students also develop critical reading, writing, and thinking skills that are pertinent to working in the era of standards-based classroom instruction.

Degrees & Certificates

Elementary Teacher Education (AA-T) Curriculum Guide

Associate in Arts Degree for Transfer (AA-T), Elementary Teacher Education

Program Student Learning Outcomes
  • 70% or more of students with declared education majors who have completed 30 or more units of the AA-T in Elementary Teacher Education pathway are able to earn the AA-T within six years
  • Students will evaluate their level of introductory preparation for careers in teaching and related subject knowledge on a self-assessment survey.