Film and Film Studies

The Film Program at Long Beach City College–with its cutting edge curriculum and outstanding faculty–guides students on a path towards transferring to a university and/or career preparation in the media and entertainment industries. Offering two Associates Degrees and one Certificate of Achievement in Digital Filmmaking, we provide students with the necessary critical and hands-on creative tools to launch their college-level film and media education, while also helping them find the right university for transfer and/or guiding them towards a career.

Over the past three years, we have transferred students to film schools at UCLA, USC, NYU, Chapman University, UC Santa Cruz, UC Santa Barbara, Brooklyn College, CSU Long Beach, CSU Los Angeles, CSU Northridge, San Francisco State University and various other universities. Our alumni have also secured jobs at Fox Searchlight, Discovery Channel, and more.

We offer essential, innovative courses at both campuses in Film Studies and Film Production, as well as an introductory screenwriting course. Our goal is for students to gain a foundational understanding of the key aesthetic, historical and industrial concepts of cinema, as well as a fundamental, technical practice in Digital Film Production. Our LAC location includes a 26 station digital MAC lab with Final Cut Pro, Premiere, and After Effects.  Our PCC location includes a 24 station digital MAC lab, a multi-station large studio for production, along with make-up and dressing areas.

Career Opportunities:

Film Studies and Film Production reach well beyond the usual boundaries of the traditional visual arts to advance students’ critical thinking, creativity, visual literacy, cultural competency, and technical knowledge. Students also learn invaluable writing, research, management, and communication skills that transfer to a variety of professional settings within and outside of the media and entertainment industries. Our program provides partial lower division preparation for transfer to a baccalaureate degree in this field.