25Live College Calendar
Calendar & Scheduling System


Did you know that you can publicize your event to the College Calendar on the LBCC Website by using 25Live? 


  1. Create your event(s) in 25Live
  2. Select the Event Type: Event  
  3. Complete the event form
  4. When you reach the Additional Event Information field, click add a Custom Attribute and select Publish event to College Calendar. 
  5. Your event will then publish to the LBCC College Calendar within 45 minutes.

Please check grammar and punctuation and try to include as much detail as possible for parties unfamiliar with the LBCC campus.

What is 25LIVE?

25Live is an enterprise-class, web-based event calendaring, scheduling, and publishing system. 25live can be used to request classrooms and space(s) on campus for academic or non-academic event(s) only.

What can you do with 25Live?

Just about most of the things you think about when organizing an event! Here is a summary list of the functions available through 25Live:

  • Event and space views
  • College Class Calendar
  • Space features, capacities, and associated photos
  • Space availability checking
  • Event creation and editing
  • Report generation based on events, locations or organizations

Who can use 25Live?

25Live is available to faculty and staff and can be accessed with LBCC credentials. Access to request the use of space, resources, and viewership right is available for most users after logging into the system with a valid Long Beach City College user name and password. 

How to Create a Quick Reservation in 25Live Pro?

Before you reserve a room, the events in the General Purpose Classrooms must be compatible with the academic nature of classrooms and academic buildings. Please review the Room Request Guidelines detail before you reserve a single use room.

Class maintenance (classroom requests for courses) should continue to be processed through PeopleSoft. 25Live is a web-based platform that is available anywhere with an internet connection. The recommended browser for this application is Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Please avoid using Internet Explorer for 25live requests.

25Live Training Video & PDF Review is Recommended Prior To Using 25Live

While it is possible to utilize the system to a create a reservation without watching the video tutorial or reviewing the pdf training resources; it is highly recommended to do both as there may be questions or challenges which arise for new users who have not done so.

Additionally, keep in mind that you can always consult online help if you have questions or need guidance about what to do. Within 25Live, you can click the general “Help” button located in the upper right of the page to access an extensive list of Help topics.

25LIVE Quick Guides

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