Committee Reports


View the current list of Participatory Governance committees with Classified Staff as members, as well as committee reports.


Committee Report Form

Classified representatives on Shared Governance Committees must fill out the Classified Senate Meeting Report Form so that all Classified can be apprised of information being shared.

This form has been formatted as a fillable PDF for your convenience. When submitting your form, please rename the file in a manner that is easily discernible using the following parameters: Name of the committee, Submitter Name (first initial, last name), Date. For example, the name of the file could read as follows:

[ budget-advisory-committee-report-rjones-102417 ]

When emailing your report, please include the name of your committee in the subject line and send the email to Sundee Dominguez and C.C. Sadler.

If you have any technical difficulties with the form, please contact C.C. Sadler or visit her in the Instructional Technology Development Center on the LAC Campus.